Tokyo – The Heart of Japan

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Tokyo houses almost forty million people in its metropolitan city. The fees of the city I got while touring it was like a Sci-fi movie. The city is always awake, bustling with thousands of people continuously be it night or day. It is filled with neon lighted skyscrapers which are an incredible sight to take in at night this city has every bit of something, which every individual can enjoy. Here are some things that I enjoyed.


Tokyo is majorly known for its modern and sleek architectures. There is a futuristic theme to its buildings and really high tech skyscrapers. With all this modern theme, Yanaka is the city that treasures the historic side of Japan. Yanaka is situated in the exact middle of Tokyo and I must say the area is an old gem. The history is depicted through its shrines and local shops, where you can buy ancient souvenirs. I took the Yanaka’s old tomb walking tour, it is splendid, one must definitely try this and it is the most popular there. The best way to explore the local cobbled streets is by taking a walking tour through the city.


Another best thing Tokyo is famous for is its food. The quirky and delicious food that this city has to offer can be found nowhere else. Hiroo is the kind of stop which is very trendy and funky, but peaceful too as it does not hold too much of a crowd. It’s kind of like a hidden gem about Tokyo. If you’re willing to explore the latest food culture of Tokyo, you will find a number of cafes and restaurants offering healthy and tasty menu. It is street food is by far the best I have ever had.

Sumo Practice Viewing

Sumo fighting is the most popular sports in Japan. Ryogoku area holds numerous amounts of Sumo training houses where the sumo wrestlers reside and take Om their practice. Some of these houses are open for its local public and the touring visitors to give them a look about their lifestyle. I went for one such viewing; it really is one of a kind experience.


Spend This Summer Vacation in St. Augustine

Are you planning your vacation in St. Augustine? If your answer is yes, and you are looking for some tips that can make your vacation fun-filled, then here I am sharing my experience with St. Augustine City that will help you in planning your whole day. The city is located at the north-east coast of Florida and it is one of the hot tourist destinations. The city has everything to offer to tourist from beautiful sandy beaches, colonial architecture, great history, wildlife, parks and much more

If you will visit this city without proper planning, then it’s very much possible that you will lose your way and return without exploring important places. I have been to St. Augustine and I hope my experience will help you in planning your holiday.

The city is not so big, so you can start your tour from anywhere, however, the city has some important places that will give you its true picture and you should not miss it, these are

Castillo De San Marcos

You should not skip this place from your list, because it is the largest and oldest masonry fort in the US continent. I got lots of historical information from this place and I recommend you should also include this place in your to-do list.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

The park is a wonderful place if you are traveling with family; there are a number of animals present here. It is clean and well maintained; you won’t face any difficulty here. The charges to get an entry in Park are around 25 dollars for an adult and 15 dollars for kids.

Lighter Museum – I find this Museum really interesting as it contains lots of antique items. Basically, this is the museum of antiques, and mostly you will find here American Gilded Age pieces.

Other interesting places in the city are Lighthouse and Maritime Museum, George Street.

Springfield: What to Do and Where to Go?

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Springfield is the dream place for all history buffs. However, if you are not, there are plenty of attractions that you can check out. Springfield is the city where Abraham Lincoln has worked before his presidency. If you are planning to visit the city any time soon, here are a few things that you need to check out.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

This is divided into two buildings which are connected by a skywalk. The library is actually a facility for public research. Here I found an extensive collection of books on Illinois, materials on Civil War, manuscripts, and maps. There are over 1,500 signed documents. Across the street, there is the Ford Theatre which details the prime moments of the life of the president.

Dana-Thomas House

This had been developed in 1902 by Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect. This is Prairie-styles house that is quite famous among tourists and locals alike. The home covers an area of 12,000 square ft. I was surprised to learn that there are over 35 rooms and 250 windows and doors. I took the long hour tour which is available most of the days in the week. Even though you do not have to make any reservations, you need to call prior to visiting.

Old State Capital

This had been the heart of Illinois government between 1839 and 1876. It is known that Abraham Lincoln used to serve here as the state legislator. The building had been reconstructed in the year 1960. You will find reconstructed libraries, rotundas, and also the supreme courtroom. All these took me back to the time to Abraham Lincoln. In case you want to learn more about the place, you can avail the guided tours. However, my recommendation is to explore the rooms all by you.


Sarasota – A Fun Place to be at

Are you planning your 2019 vacation in Sarasota and looking for more information about this city and the best places to visit here? You have landed on the right page to seek information. I traveled to the city 6 months back and had a lot of fun time. The city has everything to offer to its visitors. You will find here entertainment, adventure, natural beauty, peaceful time as well as knowledge. Talk about the beaches then Sarasota is the gateway to beaches having shallow water and sand. Let’s have a look at what you should not skip from your to-do list during your tour in Sarasota.

Siesta Key Beach

I was traveling to the city alone and I am really fond of beaches. So, I started my trip by enjoying the beauty of the key beach. This is a lonely and sandy beach. The sand here is mainly quartz and so it feels extremely smooth on feet.

Marie Selby Botanical Garden

The garden is present at South Palm Avenue in Sarasota. It has a huge variety of flora and fauna here. You can buy some native plants from this botanical garden to take home. But, just like me, if you are not from Florida, it is best you don’t buy plants from here as the plant will not survive in different climatic conditions.

Lido Key

This is again a wonderful beach and I liked it thoroughly. I would recommend if you are coming here, keep yourself free for the whole day; there are so many things to do here.

Jungle Garden

It is one of the main tourist attractions in Sarasota and even I like this place a lot because of its natural beauty and wonderful scenic beauty. If you like flamingos this is the place you should not skip.


I heard about the history of this place and so I decided to be here. It is worth visiting Ca’d’Zan’ as you get lots of information on John Ringling, the famous American circus owner.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara: What to Do and Where to Go?

Santa Barbara is a coastal town with a beautiful landscape. The beaches of this city attracted me more than anything. However, there are more to explore than just the beaches. You are not going to get bored at all. Take a look at the best things you can do when you are in the city.

Missions Santa Barbara

This is also known as the Queen of the Missions. The name comes from the picturesque setting and true beauty. I came to learn that is the primary landmark of the city. The architectural style has influenced the entire city. This is the only one that remains since it had been founded in 1786. Inside the complex, you will find a museum that showcases art pieces belonging to the colonial period. I love the La Huerta Historical Garden with several plants like pomegranates, citrus, prickly pear, and grapes. You can either explore on your own or just go for a docent-led tour like me.

Stearns Wharf

Down the State Street, you are going to land to the downtown of Santa Barbara. Here, you are going to get a glimpse of a breathtaking view. Stearns Wharf had been developed in 1872. During that time, it used to be the longest pier in between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The best way to explore the area is by renting a bike. I found many rental shops nearby. Pedaling along the beachfront was a unique experience. There are also some beach resorts that you can check out.

Santa Barbara Zoo

This covers more than 30 acres of land and has an ethereal setting as it overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The lush garden and the open space make this zoo an excellent place to take a stroll. There are some interesting line of animals which include snow leopard, lions, California condors, and much more.